The human body has a ceiling of performance, we are genetically predisposed to reach a level which we will never be able to exceed. But the reality is that 99% of people have not even approached to touch it. The only way to unlock our full potential is by knowing our body and working intelligently.

Oscar Repiso

Oscar Repiso

CEO & Co-Founder

Iker Zubizarreta

Iker Zubizarreta

CTO & Co-Founder

“If we could measure the maximum velocity of the movements every day and with immediate information, this would possibly be the best reference point to know if the weight is adequate or not. A certain descent of the speed is a valid indicator to suspend the training or lowering the weight of the bar”

González Badillo, 1991

How do we know if the training we do in the gym is effective and will make us improve, and we will not injure ourselves?

The Speed4lifts project was born of the concern of two young engineers, at the age of 20 years, lovers of strength sports and scientific advances. Soon they had the need to measure the speed of execution to control their workouts, because science had been about 20 years studying this field, and it was increasingly evident that it was the best training method and the only one that would yield objective data. But there was a problem: there were no velocity measurement tools at an affordable price for your pocket. Iker quickly put his own encoder in a shoe box, fully functional but somewhat rudimentary.

Upon knowing that device Oscar wanted an equal, and so they saw that more and more people wanted that device mounted in a shoebox, with which Iker and Oscar embarked on the task of standardizing that product and marketing it to the hundreds of trainers and athletes who demanded one. With the feedback they received from the first coaches, they created Speed4lifts, a device created by and for coaches and athletes, with the aim of democratizing high quality training.



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