What is Speed4lifts?

Speed4lifts is a device used to measure the velocity of a survey, together with an app for both Android and Apple, for the planning of load training. It has a global reach and a community of athletes and coaches who support us every day.

Who we are?

Speed4lifts was born out of the concern of two Spanish engineers, lovers of strength sports such as powerlifting, whose main objective is to cover the current needs in the world of strength training by presenting a unique and practical product capable of meeting and exceeding the expectations of other tools used by professionals in the sector.

What is a linear encoder?

A linear encoder is composed of an optical encoder capable of measuring angular movements and a coil that allows to linearize them, in this way, any linear movement can be measured.

For whom it is?

For every athlete and coach who is tired of erroneous methodologies and little current for the measurement of their training. For every athlete and coach open to using cutting-edge technology to start programming reliably based on the most important variable in strength training: THE EXECUTION VELOCITY.

How does it work?

Our encoder is a comfortable and simple device that is attached to the bar. Next to a totally free app that allows you to view and save data in an intuitive and efficient way.

What athletes need speed4lifts?

All those athletes with the need to quantify the accumulated fatigue, estimate their 1
RM and know the velocity of execution to carry out a reasoned and efficient programming
based on the last lines of scientific research.

How does speed4lifts serve me if I’m a personal coach?

For every athlete and coach that is tired of erroneous and current methodologies
for the measurement of your training. For every athlete and coach open to use
cutting edge technology to start programming reliably based on the variable
important in strength training: THE EXECUTION VELOCITY.
Offering an exclusive training to your clients is fundamental. Speed4lifts supposes the
best way to integrate personalization and technology for training professionals
as physical trainers either with orientation to high performance or prevention of

With which platform can I make measurements of the exercises?

We have a totally free mobile application for both iOS and Android.
In the same way a web application to work all the data.

What exercises can I measure?

You can make measurements of all kinds of exercises, from basics, weightlifting, with your own body weight and an option ALL (test) where you record any type of movement.

How do I link the encoder with the app?

Once the app is downloaded and a user has been created, we can start using the app and the encoder. To link them, go to the “Settings” of your phone and select ` Wi-Fi.” Click on Speed4lifts_XXX (our speed4lifts will have an only code to avoid confusing it with another device that is nearby) introduce to establish the connection via Wi-Fi the following password: 123456789

How can I get my Speed4lifts encoder?

Only in our online store, on this same web page.

Have scientific studies been carried out to ensure their validity?

Speed4lifts was compared with a main gold standard, the T-FORCE encoder. The results showed a reliability and spectacular validity.

It is of special interest to highlight the precision and reliability of Speed4lifts, since the maximum error is 0.46mm in the measurements and 0.0026 between the force-velocity curves.

You can view more information HERE

What sports benefit from velocity training?

All sports have strength requirements to a greater or lesser extent. From a marathoner to a powerlifter, everyone must train strength. In the last alms, training based on velocity (by measuring velocity of execution) has proven to be the most current, efficient and correct training system for the programming of loads and determination of fatigue.

Does speed4lifts use kilograms or pounds?

Ambos. Puedes elegir la opción que más te guste, dentro de los ajustes de la app.

When I receive my encoder, what will I find in the packaging?

Inside the shipping package you can find:

1.-Encoder Speed4lifts
2.- USB Cable
3.-Cover and Velcro strap (if you had it also ordered)
4.-Sticker “Speed4lifts”

Can I connect my tablet to the encoder?

Yes, you can also connect via Wi-Fi and install the app on your tablet.

What type of device do I need to use the platform?

You need a smartphone (Android from Jelly Bean 4.1.0 and iOS from 10.4) or a tablet with similar features.

Is the APP FREE? Where can I download it?

Yes, the app is totally free. You can download it from the App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android)

How much space do I need to download the app?


Can I export my data?

Very soon the export option for Excel (.csv) will be available. We are already working on it.

Can I connect to my Speed4lifts from different devices?

Yes, you can connect from any smartphone or tablet.

How do I turn on and off my encoder?

At the top you can find a button on and off, on the led screen you can check the status of the device as well as the status of the battery.

My first training with SPEED4LIFTS

Follow some quick steps to make sure you are ready to do your first training with your SPEED4LIFTS:
Make sure you have the application on your smartphone ready (for more information, consult,
With what devices is the app compatible?)

Do the user registration and set its password. Place your encoder (for more information query encoder) turn it on and connect to your device via Wi-Fi (for more info query, how to link my encoder to the app?)

Adjust the app and prepare for Lift the “Dot &” GO “, concentrate and perform the repetition at the maximum velocity possible. From now on, you will be a different athlete. Take a different path that surely will bring you the most optimal and effective way to your goals

We hope you enjoy your first training with SPEED4LIFTS! Thank you for being part of this family!



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